The one i dont know

I need some help, some protection from pain

are you the one? can you help me beat this game

your perfect hair, romantic eyes

help me to relax my troubled mind

you give me a reason, a reason to smile

even on days when im in self denial

when clouds hang high in the sky

I am no longer afraid to fly

With your hand in mine, walking down the hall

I know im safe, im not afraid to fall

we protect each other through thick and thin

and when its over, we sit and grin

like water in a stream as we flow down the shore

i know that our hearts are pure to the core

you bring me hope, happiness and love

you fly in my dream, as pure as a dove

we sit on the ruins, of walls we tore down

as symbols of the new lands we found

as we plowed through pain and evil lies

we know our hearts will go for miles

so stand with me as we express our love

to him to him our God above

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