Fate or Destiny?

Lost Love


My heart bleeds for what will never be,

The dream that escapes.

The fantasy that alludes me.

My heart breaks for the love we never did feel,

The passion lost in the night

Because wanting it doesn't make it real.

Two hearts in the wrong place and time,

Two souls never made into one

A rhythm without it's rhyme.

We say goodbye, having never said hello

The magic was nothing more than an illusion

What might have been? That we will never know

Yet I can not cry,

I can not be sad for what never was.

Nor can I lie.

You were what I wanted all along,

You were the desire my heart bled for.

The hope that went wrong.

You didn't need me,

You didn't see the lust I held onto.

I don't know if that was because of fate or destiny.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Not really for anyone in particular, just one that has been floating in my head the past few days. Guess it sums up everything in my life really well.

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