We Had The Night

Lost Love

The heart wants what it wants

Right or wrong, 

Happy or sad, 

It cries your name. 

Alone in the night, 

Dark and cold, 

Lonely and afraid, 

Knowing it will never be right. 

The heart wants what it shouldn't have,

A secret so dark it eats the soul, 

A passion from the heart, 

A dream never meant to be real.

We both know we can't hold on.

That goodbye comes too soon,

We'll go our seperate ways,

And never look back at what is gone.

There is no place for you in my life,

And I don't belong in your world,

It was just a breif interlude, 

A moment that tomorrow will be forgotten.

So tonight hold me tight,

Don't let go whatever you do,

Give me these memories to last through the lonely days ahead,

Give me the strenght to go back to my life come daylight.

And though my heart breaks for what we both know can never be,

I won't forget you,

You hold a little piece of my soul now,

And a big chunk of my heart,

As the sun rises, we say goodbye,

I look into your eyes one last time, knowing I will miss you,

But I must be going now, my life awaits me.

There is no time to cry.

There is no time for the heartache,

I must smile and carry on,

I must forget this sweet dream for it isn't real.

You were just a break from my reality.

Someday you'll find what you are looking for,

A love that can stay forever

My heart wanted what t never should have had

But for you love will await behind another door.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

July 2014

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