Run Away

My best friend left n a bus tonight,

She ran away without so much as a single goodbye.

No hug or even a simple I miss you

A new life awaiting, shiny and bright.

My best friend broke my heart today,

She broke my heart by not trusting me with the truth,

She broke my heart with a lie,

She broke my heart when she went away.

I can't help but think back over the years,

She was always there for me,

She my shoulder to cry on,

Her shrit often wiping my tears.

I'm not mad that she felt she had to go.

She is free to live as she will.

I'm only hurt because she didn't care enough for even a little goddbye.

She ran away without even letting me know.

The years of friendship and sisterhood are gone,

The secrets shared the heartfelt talks,

Nights of sitting up and reading each others poems.

Nights of singing out of tune but feeling each ther's inner song.

I miss my best friend,

I loved everything about her even her faults,

I loved her with my very heart and soul,

I love her even in the end.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written for Laura

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