Final Goodbye

Lost Love

Tonight I will cry,
I'll cry for what I lost so many years ago,
You've finally given me the closure my heart has needed,
And no longer will I need to always ask why.
It's really true what they say,
You can never go home again.
And love lost is really gone.
But Tomorrow is a new day.
I have to live in the here and now,
Accept the love I have,
Forgive myself for the love that is gone.
And if possible, even learn to love myself somehow.
So I guess this is where I let go,
I must accept things for what they are,
At last I understand what can never be
So I'm taking back my heart that I gave you so long ago.
Tonight I'll cry one last tear,
My heart will break one final time,
But this time it won't hurt like it once did.
For I have a wonderful life here.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For Erik.  Though I found you again, I realized we have both grown to be different people.  A part of me will always love you and be grateful for you helping me through my divorce back then.  God knows you were all that kept me sane, but times and people change. Hearts drift apart and people grow up.  So good-bye Erik my love and hello, Erik my friend,

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