Little Words, Huge heartache

Lost Love

I loved you like no other-

You said the words I so longed to hear "I love you,"

No one ever set my heart racing this way.

We were in love, though we barely knew each other,

Two short weeks later, you made me your wife.

I thought "until death do us part" meant you'd be mine for life.

It started with a few angry words,

The endless fights we had,

But they ended always the same-

With "I want a divorce-"

Now you're gone,

I hold you no more.

Ten months and it all went wrong-

And my heart will always ask why.

You said we just weren't meant to be-

That the love was no longer here,

What could I say or do?

When you no longer wanted me near.

Now it's all said and done,

I'm a single divorced woman now,

And the stranger that stares back in the mirror may never seek love again.

And so good-bye my love,

May the rest of your life be filled with only joy,

For then you'll truly be free from the heartache of divorce,

And the two little words will no longer mean " 'til death do us part..."

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