Lost Love

Last night I held you again in my dreams,

I kissed you softly on the lips,

I held you close and promised never to let you go again.

I forgave all the hurt my heart felt with your good-bye,

All the lies between us faded away,

I loved you the right way.

So much I said to you in that dream,

So much I can never say now in real life.

I told you just how much I still love you.

I forgave you for making my life such hell.

I forgave you for leaving me all alone.

And let you know that you're the first true love I've ever known.

Then the sun came up.

What a shock it was,

Somehow I half expected to find you next to me,

But only sorrow hugged me tight.

My dream faded away leaving an empty sorrow,

I dreamed of things that could never be,

For you're still you and I'm still me.

Here our love is just bad fading memories,

Nightmares that somehow came true,

Unfulfilled promises that never saw the light.

How I wish we could be like we were before,

Before the heartache and pain, before the lies.

That you would be here each night when I closed my eyes.

I await the dreamland,

The peace it brings my soul,

For there our love lives on.

Here in the light of day, the pain is all that is real,

So now I lay me down to sleep,

And pray the Demons my soul to keep-

Never to awake again

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