Perhaps once, long ago, you loved me,
But things, and people change, love lies,
I'm nothing to you now,
An old habit that  never dies.
Perhaps once,when the days meant someting,
When things were still new,
When a sun had reason to shine,
Maybe then I loved you too.
Now, without reason or warning, rain clouds have decended
Lightning has struck my heart,
Thunder crashes over and over in my head,
My dreams have all but been ripped apart.
It's all but gone now,
The dreams we shared, the love-now dead,
Hearts shattered, souls shredded,
So much anger in the words said.
It's too late for "sorry," the hurt is done.
What could be, I'm not sure we'll ever know,
My heart is cold and whithered,
Like a rose in December's first snow.

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