Another Story

Lost Love

Love is just another story,
It's tale mystic and unreal.
It's tune foreign to my ears,
But it's heartache I always feel.
I wonder why it always turns out this way.
As I find myself alone again.
Our wedding vows just forgotten words.
Promises tossed to the wind.
Trust is just another story,
Betrayal is all I know.
Lies promising forever.
A future I let go.
Take my dreams with you-
Take each tiny bit and piece of my heart.
Love has no trust,
I see this as we part.
We planted a seed for a bright tomorrow, and watered it so that it might blossom,
But in my garden, deception is all that will bloom.
My heart is like a dying rose in the snow.
Killed with hate, smothered in doom.
Love is just another story I'll never know.
My heart sings the same old tune.
No happily ever after to find here.
Now we're just another story of a love gone wrong.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written right after my husband divorced me...

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