A Slow Adaptation

Few days have passed the mist no longer fogs the jaded glass a faded past a welcome break from reminiscing on the past.

At last confusion starts to settle but yearning voice begins to below begging for a supple to touch to help the sleepless nights. Although the warming has begun I see a light in near thought sight a swarming of the thoughts of fun I know I’ll spend with you.

Though I can’t contain my love for I’m so used to just depressing see I must restrain my talk from a fear of just obsessing. In my mind I am caressing every nerve that speaks to me upon the open sea of vast and echoed laughs that prove a love’s decree.

I love how you are unaware of my appreciation and my often prolonged stare.

See it’s those eyes and hair that whisper to me leaving me with thoughts and I feel so light without a care.

To scared to ever admit how my frame has changed and warped into a malleable form so bent and curved I feel my new emotion I have served.

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