White Man's Burden

Bring fourth ye white man’s burden
Bear arms to darkened slaves
On roads and paths and echoed laughs a new world we shall pave.

Don’t doubt the white man’s burden
It comes hither with good will.
Foot souls are sold for dark black gold beneath thee sandy hill.
Yet still when powered screens a play the devil's work is led astray
Enticing all who tread his path inviting men to walk the dark reminding
Them the eagles’ claws are sharper than an Arabs bark.

Please bear the white man’s burden
White men are shouting still
Your freedom is an inch away upon the grassy hill.
The burden is but yours to bear
The screen is fixed a gloomy stare
Ignore the red cloaked man a left
And bear the badge upon your chest
Do not for self and personal gain
Do this for land and country name
The flag will melt to black and white
If you don't fill your given right.
To slaughter all for expanding visions
To slice free will with a clean incision
Exercise plans with pristine precision

Fill ears with lies in a hope they'll listen…

You bear the White man’s burden.
Upon atrocity you pull the curtain
They know you are the serpent
And a prophecy fulfilled for certain.

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