Just Happiness

If I were a woman instead of a man,
Or a woman who could and still can
Be ambidextrous, bi, or confused,
If two spirits in one could be fused,
What would the critics write about to be amused?

But I am ME!
Solid, energetic, free!
Maybe rattled, rated, berated,
Shaking off showers of advice,
All I want is to feel, to love, to be nice.

Earn my being, my wage,
No wise man or sage,
No muse, no witch, no queen,
No king, don’t care if I’m private or out to be seen.

All I want is to follow my avocation,
Laugh, have fun, be amused without ration
To share the world’s burden, help the poor
Pray, work and make peace not war

We are all touched by goodness and hex,
We know our sex is most complex,
We breathe and we think; we are not blind,
Just simple happiness we want to find

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