let us go, then, .... 12Nov06


Let us go, then, you and I--

oh, let us!

Let us roam the forests in the night--

let us run along the bottom,

brushing leaves beneath the river.

Let us go, then, for we must--

let us climb the mountains

in the midnight fog.

Let us sweep on through the valleys--

let us meet the magic where it lives.

Let us live beneath the open sky,

and under rocks and moss and grass.

Let us lie with the worms

in the soft, whispering earth.

Let us run through the trees--

catching secrets as we fly.

Let us be still and breathless

as the deer stare through us.

Let us sleep as stars glare down at us--

promising adventure in their twinkling eyes.

Let go, oh let us go--

till human voices wake us.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

first and last lines, credit = T.S. Eliot

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