I Mourn with Thee


Exploring the deepest sometimes darkest places of my soul
Searching for a way to describe the desires unknown
Those panthers roaring to escape
3 gun shots went off, disturbed it seems
The sound broke my natural peace
Surrounded by my darkness and me
Skies’ tears went off, coincidential it seems
Agreeing with my every feeling
Hello! It screams
Can't you see, I mourn with u, I walk with thee
Trash away those glasses keeping you in distress
They are blocking the peace instilled in my every tear
The pain, the melancholy, I mourn with thee

I dive into those deep waters of a little dark place
My little hidden dark places
A night to reminisce, searching for the key
To unlock that door of sing sing
Constraining my every aching cell                               
Some of melancholy, some of pain
Some I can’t seem to explain
Inmates seeking for a way to escape
Clouded skies send your tearing whispers
Now I need them to combine with mine
Your aching tears, you understand me
Don’t stop now
Mourn with me and I’ll walk with thee

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