I didn’t see the subtle abuse until the violent opened my eyes



You use to say that you could not help it when you hit on me

Because I was too amazing not to

You use to take care of me, mentally, physically, and emotionally

Even when I could take care of myself

You use to rush to be my body guard and temporary bank account

Even when it was putting yourself out

You use to go out of your way to please me, make me feel good

Even when you were already spent

You use to do alot of things that in themselves seemed romantic

But that’s just how you controlled me



Author's Notes/Comments: 

You have never respected me or my needs, you made me feel I needed you to function, you made sure you had a lot of kind things you could hold over my head, and you used being a “generous” lover to cloud my perception. And I saw none of it until you used your hands around my neck to try to kiss me.

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