untitled 133


bulimic hypertension
our perfect worlds apprehension
alright, you've got my attention
sorry did I forgot to mention
the repricutions of pretension

unconscious comprehension
society's worst invention
shocking, you've asked for extention
sorry I forgot my ascension
into constant misapprehension

pervocative prevention
good old days back in laurentian
great, you've secured my convention
sorry I forgot the suspension
of our reality's dimension

lackluster condescension
our souls trapped in fool's detention
so, you've caused my hypotension
sorry, I forgot all the tension
between the lines of my contention

informative retention
why not pantent reinvention
alright, you've got my attention
sorry, I forgot to pay the pension
perfect ending to our fast dissension

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this poem is the poem of evil evilness

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