Monsters - Original Song


The voices are screaming, and they’re so damn loud

I can’t concentrate at home and it’s even harder at school.

They tell me I’m worthless and that I’m a mistake.

It’s getting to the point where I believe them.

And in a way, I always did

The monsters had lived there for as long as I can recall

So long I often forget to remember them at all.

When they show up, they never do knock.

But rather they climb inside my head as if they belong.


They leave me in the dark and leave me weak.

They even take my memories so that I can not speak.

The monsters, they are always with me, whether they reside under my bed

Or in my sleep, or in my head.

For the monsters don't live under our beds,

But they scream inside our heads.


The kids at school tell me the same,

That I’m better off dead and that nobody loves me.

My family doesn’t care, nobody ever does.

When I’m crying or down, they don’t ask what’s wrong, they don’t try to help.

They just sit there and listen.


Some kids collect coins and some collect cards,

A dull knife was always sharp enough,

To add to my collection of scars,

A reminder of both my strength and weakness,

Written in braille on my skin- my suicidal thesis.

Emotional murder isn't a crime

It's a way to kill, without getting time.

My entire life was a chemical reaction,

One part neglect and two parts depression.



I’m only 14 and I’ve been through more shit than most adults.

They say “kids your age can’t be depressed.”

“It’s not possible”

But when you lost your mother at age 8, never had a true friend to lean on,

Never had a shoulder to cry on. Never had someone that cared about you, it is possible.


And in retrospect, I meant every word I said

And every tear that fled. I never meant to make you cry.

The beauty may seem over.

Oh, what I would do to hold you



I know it’s on your mind, Love.

You will always matter,

Love may seem to shatter.


But my love will always flow.

You should know, you should know.


We all know love exists,

But who really knows what it is.


Your eyes are no exception,

you own the deepest part

of this stupid breaking heart

that cannot find direction, Love


You will always matter

love may seem to shatter

but my love will always flow,

You should know, you should know


Please don't walk away.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a song I wrote in 30 minutes. 3 of my poems are intertwined in it. "Chemical Reaction", "The Monster Under The Bed" and "Your Eyes Are No Exception". If you've heard any of NF's songs, it has that kind of beat.



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