Sometimes it's suffocating;

other times it's inviting.

We sit in this silence when the person we loved,

and the person who we thought loved us;



Some people love this silence;

others loath it.

Many of us play music that we one day wish to show someone;

but deep down, we know that time will never come.


This music represents love, loss sadness..


These emotions run through our veins so deep that we often forget they are there.

We play this music when the silence becomes overwhelming;

when we do not want to be alone anymore.

We play in the hopes that someone will be attracted to it;

like a moth to a light.

And if luck is on our side,

someone will be attracted to our melodies and harmonies,

our quarter notes and whole rests.

We hope that they will not leave.

Some will;

Some won't.

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