Like me.

People are not tools,

and shold not be used as such.

People are not video game characters, 

so they should'nt be controlled like they are.

People deserve to be respected,

not abused and used as someone's emotional punching bag.


People make fun of other's flaws because they are too blind to see their own.

They put others down to bring themselves up,

and they just end up being brought back down again.


Schools have their own food chains.

The popular kids being the Apex Predators,

The loners,rejects, and outcasts being the Prey.

And the teachers? They just sit back and watch. Like tourists on a safari


"Do not feed the animals" They say.

"Let them feed on each other."

The bloodied savannah being the lunch room, 

Pride Rock, the principals office.


And what about the ones who show emotions? The ones who are like me?

We might as well be dead.

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