Life, Love and Hate. A 26 year olds view on it all

Life is as you make it to be,

In a cage, or set yourself free.

Live it the fullest, I do decree,

lest it become, less than debris.

Love is forever, or so they tell me so,

it can sweep you up high, or swoop you down low.

but it can be fragile, gentle as a doe,

or vicious and angry, worse than any foe.

Hate is so horrible, maybe even Sin,

but is easy to emit, and can just as easy creep in,

to your heart and your soul, creating such a din,

but when it leaves out, you can't help but grin.

So to life and to Love, to thine own self be true,

Be that alone, or with that person so new.

Get gone all that hate, lest it make you blue,

And grin when it's better, as you view mornings fresh dew.

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