Reunion's Sorrow


A deafening crbash, combined with the squeal of tires was the last thing Kialea heard as she passed into unconsciousness.

The paramedics arrived and Kialea woke to see them lift Tom’s Body out of the crushed and smoking Mustang convertible that had just crashed into the tilted tree. The paramedic looked at her in bewilderment and said incredulously, “It’s amazing that you are ok! Not a scratch on you.”

“Tom…” I moaned questioningly as the pain in my head would not go away. The man looked over to the others working on Tom. I could see the man’s grim face on the other side of the heaped wreck. “We don’t know if he’s going to make it. He was pretty badly hurt.” He said as the others slowed their work…

“On a lonely summer’s night, I walk alone in a garden of sand” I said aloud. “The ocean breeze fills my lungs as I ponder the enigma of waves.” The moon shines against my face and pulls me from one wonder to face a new thought.

“The moon is a mystery beyond all else. To be so large and powerful, yet bears so many scars of time, and so weak as to follow this planets solemn orbit.”

I break from my reverie to find myself miles from my beach house. The waves lick my footprints in the sand as I walk back. “The sand seems to get softer and whiter than it used to be,” I mused aloud, believing to be alone.

“But you never seem to change Tom,” says a sweet dulcet female voice. “Or if you do, it must be for the better.”

I turned to see who knew me after so many years gone. A tall, dark haired woman stood before me. Her long hair fell across her shoulders and framed her magnificent bare bosom to stop just short of her shapely hips. The small hip skirt parted on her right thigh to show her legs that flow voluptuously down to her small feet partially covered by the white sand.

“Kialea, you have grown since I left five years ago,” I said while trying to pry my eyes from those billowy, silky white mounds. “I didn’t think anyone would remember me.”

“And who else would return in the middle of the night, go straight to your empty house and walk the beach?” she inquired and slowly started to walk towards me. “And who else would I wait five years for? Since we dated when we were only sixteen years old, I have waited for you,” Kialea almost whispered those words as she closed the distance between us and pulled my face close to hers.

“And who else would I kiss, naked,” her skirt fell to the sand, “on this beach?” Our lips met tenderly at first, and we reached for each other while our fingertips crossed each other backs, necks and heads. Then we remembered each other’s touches and I cupped her perfect bottom in my hands as I bent down and gently suckled her small nipples. I heard her sigh in pleasure and she blew lightly in my ear and kissed my neck while pulling off my blue button-up shirt and my white undershirt. She moved down to kiss my chest, then my stomach and moved back up as she unbuttoned my pants.

I took her and lay her down on the soft ground and pulled my pants completely off. “I have missed you soo much since you’ve been gone,” Kialea admitted between kisses. “I knew you would come back.”

I entered her slowly and heard her small moan of pleasure as I pumped in and out, slowly speeding up, than slowing down and speeding up again, all the while kissing passionately. Her small moans increased in intensity as she bucked her hips in time with my thrusts. I could feel me start to loose myself just as she tightened and cried out.  

For the moment, we could not tell where I ended and she began. Our thoughts, emotions and sensations were one magnificent being, practically glowing with passion and yearning. Kialea’s moans slow and heavy breathing replaces it. We stare into each other’s eyes until we fall asleep in the sand, our hearts and souls at peace, finally together again.

As she sleeps, I feel a pain, knowing she would wake alone. As the sun set on the horizon, Kialea woke to see Tom, slowly blowing away into the wind. “I knew you would come back, if only for our love.” 758 words

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was a short sex scence that I wrote for a writing class. They said action and sex were the hardest to write, then i recited this in class. The red faces were wuite satisfying!

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