Collision Course

Theres a world I cannot live in,

Not far away from here,

Love knows not my breast,

Nor sings upon my breath.

This world comes close to mine now,

It parrallels my own.

It scares me close to death now,

And chills to the bone....

Dont let me live there,

Dont let me see the sky go dark,

The wind slack out my sail,

My heart go down in flames,

Dont let me live there,

Dont let my love go on unused,

The light take leave my soul,

And this vessel quick to death.

My world is fading quickly,

Under the pressure now,

That parrallel lot drawn,

My numbers close to call.

My only chance for it to fall,

Back to the bowl of fate.

Im using all my hope now,

That these worlds don't collide.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem is about emotion and a relationship.

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