A Night

She wrung her wet blonde hair out onto his lap, laughing mischievously. He turned her around and kissed her passionately, not caring who or what saw them. As they parted he stared deeply into her sharp green eyes, wondering how he could possibly have gotten so lucky to be with this beautiful woman. She smirks and turns, looking away, then turns quickly and sticks her tongue out at him. He goes to her and kisses her lightly, he lets his hands wander downwards, and caresses her thighs, just above the waist, to tickle her. She laughs and squirms, then looks at him and turns quickly away and reached to tickle him. He runs and hides on the couch, lying out, she tackles him and mercilessly assaults his humor! As they struggle, he returns fire, and they reach for each other’s hand, as if in an intimate stalemate. They look into each other’s eyes and see longing, and care…and kiss, deeply, intimately… As they separate, she looks for a moment more and turns, he puts his arms around her and they lay there, content to be there forever…

They speak of unimaginable truths, and ponder life, and inequities. They share light caresses of the lip, and quiet moments of bliss together. He stands, and looks down upon her beauty, knowing he must go for now…He lifts her and while rising kisses her gently. He carries her to her room, where he sets her down, and covers her with her blankets. He leans down for a goodnight kiss, and she pulls him to the bed. Time stops for a bit, and they share eternity in a moment. She stops, he stops, backs up as she holds his hand, caressing his palm with her lips.

“Quel Du Vanima” “Quel Du hun”

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wish were in person...

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