The sock

Giggle poetry



 Crouch in the shadows so no one can see

It’s time to be silent, she’s looking for me.

She needs me to cover a door knob

And I’m not that eager for the job.


I’m a Hello Kitty sock and made for grater things

My partner already a goner, turned all into strings.

Without him I’m no longer desired,

In hiding till she gets tired.


As new I was a brilliant shade of green

Packed with five others, all shiny and clean.

Together so festive, so fun, and gay

Very different from the white, black and grey.


She wore us in turn, loving our gloss.

But it subsided in tact with the color-loss.

In the end it was just us greens,

Knowing we had lost our means.


My partner was found by the household pet,

A big chewing dog, and to us a great threat.

Time was important, no room to fret

scurried to hide under the duvet.


So now I’m here, still safe and sound

But on Tuesday I will be found

By the housekeepers hungry vacuum

Until then; dreading the doom.


I guess that’s an old sock's fate

To be used, worn and then to wait

To be tossed away, sent off duty

Then replaced buy a new beauty.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I have some really ugly green socks at home and I bought them in a package of three with a pair of reds and pinks. Now they all look like crap of coarse, and I sometimes wonder why I keep wearing them.

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