The World-Song

Back when the flowers still sang,

the world was at peace.

All creatures on earth could compose

and sprout beautiful melodies that

covered the oceans and the forests

in one world-song.

Mammals, fishes and reptilians -

The roses, the wolves, the children -

they could all sing in colorful tones and timbres.

Every creature knew the way of the world-song.

This was how they understood each other.

Singing was their language,

and their way of maintaining harmony

with each other.

When a creature was in pain, they would

sing a solemn note, and the world

would ache in the same pain.

When a creature was happy, they would

sing a joyful note, and the world

would cheer in the same happiness.

Through the world-song, anyone could know

when their fellow creature needed something,

like food, shelter or love, because everyone

could sing it and expect understanding.

It was as if everyone today all turned on their

radios at the same time and let each song

express the feelings of the world in a

big and beautiful orchestra.

Yet after a thousand years of the world-song,

the birds were becoming arrogant.

They declared they were the best singers

of the world-song.

They had the purest

the prettiest,

the clearest

voices in the whole world.

afraid that maybe one day someone could sing as beautiful as them

they started cutting off the vocal chords of every living being

from the big mammals to de small reptiles

no animal could ever sing as pretty as the birds

time passed and a new species emerged,

they walked erect and in two legs

this new animal loved the singing of the birds

they didn’t know all the harm the birds have made

in order to always hear them they put them in cages

the birds sang sad songs but the humans thought it was a beautiful chant

the singing was so beautiful, how can it be a cry of clemency?

now the songs were of suffer because they hated the confinement

they cried for help but the animals didn’t help them

now the birds have to suffer forever

scared to get trapped and chant in a jail forever,

sometime the birds think, what if we didn’t took the animals voice?

maybe they would help us, maybe we wouldn’t be alone.


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