step to far back (because you did it)

The air buzzed around her and then Pablo exploded like an overstuffed burrito.

We're going to really miss that burrito. Famous and Not Dead was the goal.

Your staccato argument was no landmark, it wasn't in my ken, so I got lost.

Did he say amicus or animus? 


Sleeping through the end of the world, sounds like the best plan.

That way, no goodbyes, no good riddance, no happenstance

"we must have sex in these last moments, don't die a virgin".

Boys, we see you. Don't have problems with me.


Take away all the good things and burn what is left, 

burn it and say that you loved it, even liked it.

I screamed I have been lambasted, here

where I stand. But I took an extra step

back. Too far back.


the jungle howls.

is that a drone?

means some

thing else





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