the flow

It flows from me,
like blood from the heart,
like a river to the sea,
it flows.

It can't be stopped,
it can't be tamed,
there is no hope left,
as it flows.

There is no end to it,
there is no reasoning with it,
like a lion on the prowl,
it flows.

But a hunter comes along,
a dam is built,
the veins are severed,
it stops.

The battle is lost,
but the war will forever rage on,
till death do us part,
it flows.

The desire burns,
it churns,
it yearns,
it flows.

It's only purpose is to reach it's goal,
there is no other way,
one cannot stop nature,
it flows.

It twists,
it turns,
it goes from door to door,
looking for the answer,
as it flows.

They try to stop it,
they don't understand,
see it like I do,
it flows.

Obstacles put up,
snipers at every post,
they fear what they don't know,
as it flows.

But I come in peace,
no alien,
no foreign object,
just me,

They try to see,
they try to understand,
but they give up the reason,
they give up the fight,
they let it be,
as I stop.

The ocean is reached,
the prized meal feasted upon,
the king finally sits upon his throne.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

not a period.

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