arantza zertuche

At the very first beginning of history there was nothing. Nothing but, light and darkness. Nothing but a king. Just a king. No kingdom. This king was powerful. The whole nothing was his. The king danced, and as he raised his arms up, sparks came out from his hands. They all set around him, getting along with light and darkness. They were all shining. They were all staring at him, so he named them “stars”. He sang and as he opened his mouth to sing, a white pale steam came out from his mouth. It set around him, getting along with light, darkness and stars. It was clear and loud so he named it “cloud”. He collected some star dust and shape it with cloud steam. Two unknown corps were created. Both set around him. Both got along with light, darkness, stars and clouds. But, they were smarter, they had feelings, they were special and much more alive. The king named those creatures sun and moon. The king just wanted to make them happy, but nothing was ever enough. He made more shining stars and named them shooting stars. He group everything he had created and named them galaxies. But nothing was enough.

The king put all his power together and made a huge mass. This mass was so big that he decided to divide it and named them planets. But neither was enough. None of his powers were enough. He chose a planet, ripped out his heart, took a piece of it and shape the planet with it. The king was weaker. He named this planet Earth. He gave it color. Blue and green. Sun and moon were finally surprisingly happy.

 The three of them ruled the Earth and the rest of the planets peacefully. But, suddenly, the Earth was not enough. The king ripped his heart again and took another piece of it and created all sorts of small and different creatures, and named them animals. The king was weaker. Sun and moon were happy. Everything was theirs. The three of them loved the Earth and the Earth loved them back.

Everyone lived happy together. Nothing but happy. Nevertheless, deep inside, sun and moon had an issue. Who’s going to rule everything when the king is no longer here? They both wanted to rule everything. They didn’t want to share. Sun and moon started to feel anger at each other. They started to hate each other. They were capable of killing each other in order to gain power. The king noticed and with tears in his eyes and the rest of his heart in the hand, he pulled one and other apart. Punish them by isolated them forever from the Earth.

Everyone stopped living in peace. Some wanted moon back. Others wanted sun back. This two groups started to hate one and other. The king, in order to stop fights, separated everyone. Light from darkness. Stars from clouds. Everybody chose. With his last breath and sense of power, the weak king created a space where both, sun and moon, could rule at different times but at the same time the Earth, without killing each other. He named these spaces day and night just as he disappeared and leave everything in peace again.

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