Water And Air

Water and air

unsavory pair

yet we, without, will perish

your nectar lingers on my tongue

my lips still smarting from your kiss

-delectable venom, savored-

pincers prickly, sickly sweet

cup 'round my head in loving link

-no better tools for his quisine-

back to my shell I drag what's left

-say....dying blood's quite chilly-

embedded stinger burns

but since I cannot reach to pluck

-my claws are much too cumbersome-

I tell them "it's an ornament

I use it as it suits, to keep

arachnids at sword's distance

-token of my failed newfound vows-

Fran Hinkle 02/05

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this about an asshole who's just slightly-nah, WAY MORE-psycho than me. Oh yeah,
and he was a scorpio....Anti

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