How Many


How many more minutes can I stay in bed until I have to get out and run to class.


How many more lecture slides do I need to sit through until I get to stand up and walk home.


How many more hours can I procrastinate until I have to start working on this paper.


How many more episodes until I finish the third season of that great new show I found.


How many more books do I need to read until I find a clear favorite.


How many more times can I plea for someone to help me.


How many more times do the words I say need to fall on deaf ears.


How many times do I need to be left on read.


How many more times do I need to be left behind.


How many more times do I need to tell myself that things will change.


How many times will I be proven wrong.


How many times will the ones who claim that they are there for me not be when I need them.


How many times must I sit on the floor and have to count on my fingers the things that are worth sticking around for.


How many times do I need to reach out first for her to finally realize that maybe I'm desperate.


How many times do I need to step back and realize that when I am not around everyone else continues on as normal.


How many times do I need to have these thoughts before they go away.


How many more days do I possibly have to live through until I realize that each and every one is unique.


How many more weeks can I put off making myself a better man.


How many more months will I continue to exist without a purpose.


How many more times must I try to let the world in only for it to kick me while I'm down. 


How many more days will go on before they finally realize all I ever wanted was the little things.


How many more words will spill out of my body before someone finally reads them.


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