The Pioneers

We live on a small rock in coexistence with a savage infinite universe.

To us that rock is abominable and the thoughts of it only being one tiny piece of a vast expanse of galaxies and worlds is harrowing and efforts to reach them were lackluster

But before us

there were those who dared to ignite the flames within them to conquer those other worlds

Brave pioneers who dared to reach up and grasp the planets in their hands like persimmons

They were sly and subtle, small figures in the vast shadows created by gas and ice giants, brown dwarves, and imperial castles of matter, waiting to make their grand exit as a supernova.

To them other worlds were as tangible

as you or I.

To them the time it took to accomplish these spectacular feats was just another obstacle

They were enthralled by the beyond.

They dared to follow their ideals into the vortex filled with promises of exquisite mysteries

and so

They wrote eloquent equations and spent countless

hours painstakingly failing and they practiced “The Orange Theory” when they eventually found it

A way to reach the stars and hold like persimmons

the other worlds they found so enticing

They only dared to step foot on just one other world

but that feat alone defined a generation

We need to recapture their spirit

harness their determination and wonder

Go back to the time when anything was possible

and dare to dream.

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