Human Ingenuity

When you go about doing something

you do it in your own way

Even if you copy it or borrow the process from someone else

In some way you made it yours.

It is human nature to take in everything around us and learn from it

If you read a book and find a line you like, you add it to your mental collection of phrases you find interesting

If you hear a song you like and sing it, you put the lyrics to your mind

But once those words come back out of your mouth

they have become yours.

Each “copied” word you say is a piece of you

Each “plagiarized” word means you respect the original owner enough to repeat their words.

But chances are,

they did not even come up with those word to begin with.

You cannot copyright or trademark an idea, phrase, or word

and even if you do

Is that going to prevent one of the Seven Billion People on the Planet from thinking of that idea and believing it is their own original creation?

You cannot own a thought or patent inspiration.

A good idea or thought benefits anyone no matter who thinks of it.

Why does it matter that someone else said it first or that someone else altered it with a trivial difference?

All that matters is that it is still being discussed, still being thought up, and that the human drive to continue dreaming and creating never loses its spark.

So i’m sorry Katy Perry’s lawyers but you cannot copyright a dancing shark costume, and i’m sorry facebook but you cannot trademark the word “face.”


You cannot own a piece of human creativity and you cannot put a lock on human imagination and ingenuity.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

If anyone can think of a better title I would be happy to hear it

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