subtle advance

Exploding Hearts

too beautiful, too beautiful,

i had to ignore

your face-- so easy to adore.


my only restraint was total sabotage

or i would follow your every mirage

assume, presume, become addicted.

you are a wound easily inflicted.


by choice and chance and circumstance

you and i are forbidden romance

as you have your woman and i had my man

i shall hate you, that is my plan.


too charming, too charming,

i could not resist.

how could such sweetness and strength coexist?


such subtle advances i had to have dreamt.

fear of insanity feeds self-contempt.

a hint for a clue, now i must know

would you if i say it could be so...?


sincerely i thought i was mistaken

i never considered a single implication

but your response, so shocking and new

yet i said no, what did i do?


too dejected, too dejected

i see how you feel rejected.

through your eyes your soul was projected.


entranced by the rugged loyalty inside you,

the steely will i used to deny you

is a mystery i will never solve.

i've never known such spontaneous resolve.


but, worse still, is my surprise fate.

i saw it was you, i saw it too late.

by my own subtle divinatory art

somehow i managed to break my own heart.


and sorry.


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