The night is lovingly black.
Caresses the demons about to attack.
Stars litter the booming silence,
Quiets the mortals crying for deliverance.
Blood strokes like a gentle lover,
Soothing the vampires throats over.
Moon hangs heavily in the sky;
Entrancing the wolves to howl and cry.
The wind ruffles the Fall leaves,
Making even the ghouls drop to their knees.
Houses are dimmed and quiet,
The witches are holding their breaths to keep silent.
A monotonous sound of the clock striking twelve,
And all the sorceri are casting tonight's spell.
Screams, shrieks, and howls inturrupt the night;
Beings prancing about in delight.
The veil between worlds is pierced,
Monster of many kind come through and strike fear.
Both big and small they've come,
To celebrate before the rising sun.
And both kindly and monsterous they will go,
Before any of the humans ever know.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was just made in favour of my love to Halloween; my favourite holiday. ♥

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