Again I want to go

Minimal things in my space

Memories, dreams put on hold

Running, I?m not running

The nomadic me

Cry, kick, in a ball I push away.

I hide myself in a darkness of light

No closet, no music no songs

Leave me to be free

The nomadic me

Memories like the rainstorm

Showing my fears.

I will not be vulnerable

I am the mask, don?t se the brokenness

The nomadic me

Sunglasses, hat, skirt, tennis shoes,

and last but not least smile.

It is what is seen on the outside

Can?t sit still, can?t leave, wanting to do both.

The nomadic me

Mirror, bar?, thinking of silent tears running

Down a solemn face.

No one knows my dancer?s spirit is shattered.

It has always been my place of safety.

The nomadic me

Morning songs and singing

Love of a childhood friend

Knowing I don?t fit in and am very

Proud to stand out.

The nomadic me

The prick of the pins and razors cut sharp

Into my heart and flesh.

I don?t understand and I don?t want to.

I just want to stop the pacing.  Maybe today.

Maybe tomorrow.  Maybe now.  Maybe then.

Only time will tell.

The nomadic me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was written during my group today. it is the first time in a long time that i felt completely attacked by someone who didn't even know me. by the way bar is the dancer's bar

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