Our Goodbye

When In Doubt

This is going to hurt me just as much
If not more then you.
I knew when we fell in love it was wrong
You knew it to. I never wanted to hurt you.
But I told you from the beginning
I was in love with someone else
We told ourselves it would be ok.
We would not fall in love
But we did! But I started feeling
little thingsthat was not right.
I knew then it was coming to an end.
As much as I Love you, I will never
Love you enough to leave him for you.

You see he was sent to me from God.
I made a promise to God and I have kept it.
When you asked me to break up with him.
But to still call him my boyfriend and to let
Everyone thinks I was in love with him.
I knew what God wanted me to do.
Yes I love you and always will, But not the way I love him
I never broke up with him
Why should I , when you wanted everyone to think I loved him
You did not want anyone to know about you and I.
I cannot do the pictures you wanted me to do.
They never went through,Because God did not want me to do them
Just to make you happy. I never wanted to do them in the first place.

So this has to be goodbye. I hope someday, you will forgive me
I did not want to hurt you, But I guess we both learned a lesson.
So goodbye, dont be to hurt
We had some good times and a great friendship
But your young and you will forget
You will find someone and be happy
I hope she will love you and be good to you.
I will never forget you.
I will remain Your Princess

But I want you to know I loved him from the start
I could never give him up
He has stood by me through everything
Never Once has he asked me to do anything
I do not want to do
He stands by me. He loves me. He was my gift from God.
I will always cherish the poems you sent to me.
They mean alot to me
I hope you the best.

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