Sweet Dreams

Im in a dream with a cool breeze blowing
Cool fingers running over my body
Kisses gently so sweet
Im on a moonlit night
With stars shining so bright
Music playing softly
Moon going in and out

Your whispering in my ear
My heart is opening up like a rose in bloom
I can barely breathe, barely control
Im on fire, passion burning
Desire so deep, I long for you
I feel your tongue reaching, touching
I am sinking slowly.

Come my love, give me your all
Dont hold back, I can no longer wait
My insides are like jelly
All I can see and feel is you
The scent, the smell, of you
Is all over me, every where

My dream is so real
Like nothing I have ever known
The most beautiful thing in the world
The way you show your love
The way you protect me
Make me all yours.

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