A Puddle

Rose Garden

Always a puddle
When it rains
Like my tears
Become a puddle
When I think of you
Everywhere there is a
Reminder of you
Pictures, movies, jewelry,
The things we used to do
All become a puddle
When I think of you
All the plans we made
The places we wanted to go
The memories we made
The times we spent together
Are like puddles now
They ran away
Took my heart with them
All my tears are now puddles
Puddles of love
Spent for loving you
Giving you my all
Loving only you
Always there for you
Holding your hand
Seeing you in a blink of an eye
Holding you tight
Never letting you go
Picked you up
When you was down
I was with you every step of the way
It didn't matter what you needed me for
I was still there for you
Thing is I still am
I will never leave you
You mean to much to me
Your my puddle of love

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