The Future Is Ours

The future is ours
If we want it to be
All you have to do is believe
I believe in you
I have faith in you
You have to trust me
As much as I trust you
You have to believe in me
The same way I believe in you
The future is ours
For all to see
To love and honor
Not be afraid
To show our love to one another
To let the world know
The future is ours
If we stand together
We will stay together
For the rest of our lives
We have to be committed
To each other only
The future is ours
You are my sunshine
You are my rain
You are my moom
You are my stars
Your my everything
My hopes and my dreams
How could I live without you?
Your my soul mate
We both knew it from the start
The future is ours.

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