You Were One

Rose Garden

At one time you loved me so much
It was for so long
You want to know why I left?
You did nothing wrong

My smile was once the sun
Rainy and dark day, it was
The sky would clear up
Keep it from being gray

Once my eyes would shine
Glowing light of the world
The twinkling stars they were
Filled the night once.

Once the medicine was my hugs
Change a frown to cheer
Run through your body and shiver would
You feel my love near every time.

Once the wind was my kisses
Breezy and fresh against your face
Gentle, so gentle they were
No one will replace this special something

Now I am supposed to like someone else
And it's driving you insane
Over for us you seem to think
Our love still remains.

You couldn't keep your promises
And broke out in tears
You cried so many long hours it felt like days
Now the days feel like years.

In the pillow you bury your face
You cry your heart out and grieve
Never give away love you have learned
If love you did not receive.

But you have it all wrong
I did not leave
I was not in love with anyone else
I tried to tell you but words would not come

So now I'm leaving this note for you
Hoping you will find it in time
And realize how much I really do love you
So come to me and love me.

We will be together forever you and I.

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