The Kiss

Lips meeting tongues touching love so devine.
Passionate, loving, giving your all
Heart open to love burn ith desire
Wanting more getting more

Can't live without each other
Promises made, committments
Love at all cosrs. Be loyal and true

Be faithful always, If you truly love someone
You dont want or need to think of another person.
Love your baby be proud of him. Stand by him no matter what happens.
Never break his heart because you can.

If you do, It may come back and the same thing happen to you.
Keep an open mind, Don't listen at others, Believe only what
you know. Some people just like to cause trouble.
Believe in your love. If thry tell you something, believe them.

The kiss is where it's at. You know if someone loves you
by the way they kiss you
Just love with all your heart . Give yiur all.
Not just part.

If you want your love to last. It will. Work ar it.
Be honest. Show yiur feekings.
Say I love you Baby and mean it.

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