Money Does Pay

I was walking one day
Just out window shopping
I love to that
It made me feel at ease
I was staring at the window
Wondering if I should get anything
When I saw A small face looking
You could tell she wanted something
I asked her what would you like?
She told me her mommy was dying
That she wanted some ribbon for her mommy's hair
I could see tears in er eyes
I was about ready to cry to
I took her by the hand and we went and got what she wanted
Tears was running down her face
Now I can fix my mommy's hair
She took off so fast
I didnt know where she lived
I found out where she lived
My money does pay for the stuff she needs
Im so glad. I don't need the money
I got some food, cleaning supplies, clothes,
I delivevered them. She opened thre door
Her eyes were so big. What is this.
We didnt order anything
I said it is a gift from me that I wanted to give to someone who needed it.
Her mother accepted and cried.
She said my name is Sandy
I fixed my mother's hair
I told her what a good job she had done
She was so proud.
I was so happy, I had the money to rally help spmeone.
Money does pay for a lot of good.
But if your not careful.
It will pay for a lot of bad.

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