Keep Me

Keep me the way I keep you
Pamper me like a diamond
Clean me like a pearl
Wear me like a emerald
Im more precious then Siver or Gold
Be proud of me
Im your Girl
Talk to me, tell me all you can
We never have secrets
Out with everything
I want to share things with you
Lets be happy
Watch this world as we get older
Walk along hand in hand
Never stray or walk away
Lets play and have fun
Make as much out of life as we can
Go to fairyland and see the pixie dust
Im your Princess
Your my Prince
Lets rule this world
Make it a better place
Together we will be
The way we were meant to be
Just you and I forever
Keep me in your heart
As I do you
Even after the wedding vows
When Im old and gray
All worn out
We can have our last dance
As you hold me in your arms for the last time
Kiss me with passion Baby
Remember all the times we had together
How good we was for one another
Keep me
As I do you
God knew we was meant to be together
That is why he answered our prayer
Sent us to one another
Now you can lay me down to rest
I'll be waiting for you to join me.
So we can forever be together
In rest, no more pain, or hurt
We made it baby
Our loved lasted so long
We never faltered or failed
Just you and I
With God above. We did what God told us.

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