The Life Of A Cat

Walking alone in the middle of night
I heard a noise, I turned to see what was going on
There was some boys, harmless enough
That was just a thiught.

They grabbed me and pulled on my legs
Making me scared and I cried. When I did.
They laughed every time. They was so cruel
I thought I will surely die.

But one decided he was taking me home
He did. When we got there.
It was bad. He hardly ever fed me.
He beat me until I was so weak.

I dont know how long this went on
But I could barely hold my head up
I kept trying to find ways to get out
Then it happened, He forgot the door. I got out.

I ran as fast as I could
But I got tired
A little girl came a along
She took me home

Gave me a bat
Something to eat
Went and sat by the window
She held me and loved me

She kept me forever by her side
Never letting me go. It was kike heaven
I loved living there. So much to eat.
So much love. I was a lucky I had her.
The life of s cat.

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