You Entered My Likfe

I first saw you with tears in my eyes
Didn't know you was going to take my heart
Leave such an impact on my life
Nothing would ever be the same.

You reminded me of memories long ago
They was hidden deep in my soul
A lot of feelings with a new start
You gave me a lot of new thoughts

I watched myself grow through you
I learned things about myself, I never would have guessed.
Time seemed to slip away, as I realized
How much I had missed.

I formed a longing for you. I wanted to hold your hand
We had a bond so strong, I never want to let go
The memories of you and I will be carried through
They will never be forgotten.

I was able to see just how special you are.
More precious then Silver or Gold
You was like a flower in bloom
When you and I were together as one.

You always had this look
That could give you anything you wanted
You always knew , what you wanted
Always got it to.

You emtered my life with a smile
How are you
Loved me more every day
Made me so proud

I returned your love
We have lots of memories
To carry us through
We were meant to be.

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