Somewhere Far Away

I see rainbows so far away
With a song so clear
I will always remember them
Because of your voice.

I feel a breath of sunshine with your kisses
As I walk along the shore thinking of you
No one can ever block your sweet thoughts
They are like the sea so cool.

Your soul is filled with love and joy
You give to all that you see
No one could ever hide a face so fair
I adore you and always will.

Your neck so full of grace, t is like magic
There are stars in your eyes like a diamond
I see you with your magic and charm
It just makes me love you more.

It gives me a yearning of desire
To see your body so rare
I want all of you body and soul
I dream of you only.

Such fire comes from you
You turn me into a flame of fire.
We are burning hot
With so much longing and desire.

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