A Whisper

I was reading a book
Everything was quiet
Wind was blowing
Trees swaying
I lost my place
Couldn't get my thoughts together
I wanted to read
It was exciting and I wanted more
So I found my place
Started to read again
Then I heard it
It was so small
I could barely hear it
The wind was so loud
But I hear it again
A whisper Baby Im here
I love you only you
I thought I was dreaming
Or just hearing things
You had been on my mind
I missed you and wanted to see you
Still I kept on reading
Rain was coming now hard and fast
The door slammed and I jumped
The lights went out
It was so dark
There was shadows everywhere
There was a pounding on the door
A pounding in my heart
I yelled Just a minute
But I guess they didn't hear
So I finally made it to the door
When I opened it up
I about fell to the floor
I was in total shock
There stood you
With a big smile on your face
And arms opened wide
I hear Baby I love you only you
Baby I'm here
Just a whisper
Is what I heard
I fell in your arms
Crying and laughing at the same time
I could not stop kissing and hugging you
You turned to me and said
I could not stay another day
Im here to stay
Just a whisper
Is what I heard.


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