I Need You

Rose Garden

I didnt love you at first
It never came to me, Until one night late
When my very soul was filled with plight
I realized then I saw your light

All my life I had been searching for you
That is why I stepped from the door,
You was my special King
You was what I wanted and needed and so much more.

I wrote a love poem for you
But something happened to me, before I finished
But when it was way past due
I told you all about it in the chuch's pew.

When I told you, You said not to worry
That your love was sent to me from above
I thought that you was the most handsome King
And it fit you like a glove

It seemed you did not feel the same
You wouldnt look at me the next day
So when I found out, I had no say
I just stood there and cried and was lonely

Now Im begging thee
To hear my plea
Hoping you can see
Just what your doing to me

I will be your anything, if you desire
Because it is you I always admired
Yet you threw me out
And I'm so tired

I dont know what to say but that I love you still
Yet I still walk alone in the halls of stone
Still your shadow I see standing so tall
While my heart cries out to you

My special King, please answer my prayer
It is not fair, for you not to hear
Your the one and only love for me
I just cannot go on this way

Please im begging of you
Come to me at night,
As did your light
End this terrible thing for me

Give me just one night
Of your sweet loving care
Love me like I have never been loved before
I swear to you I will make it all worth your while.

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