Broken Dreams

Rose Garden

More than life itself, you love me
Im not afraid to love
Your heart is somewhat
Like a tiny dove.

Your scared I will get to close
You feel I can't win
For a little while I will love you
Then your afraid I will set you free

On hopea and dreams you have lived so long
You don't know what to do
On your heart you do not know if you can trust
To me it belongs.

You, think I will only hurt you
Yet I will keep on running back
The paths between our two hearts
Are worn and on a beaten track.

Your heart I have on a string
Breaking in two
I have just enough to hurt
You have the rest for you.

Somewhere in my heart, I know
A place for you, I have
Find it I will
You have made me see

Someday you hope
You will find when you awake
That your heart belongs to me
As my heart belongs to you.

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