A Rose That Once Stood Alone

Rose Garden

In the darkesr corner of the garden a rose grew alone
By many others it was surrounded
Alone it remained.

Trails came and went as time passed
A severe blow one dwelt
Begin to wilt and whither it did

So alone, so forgotten
As if by a mircle....it then

Soft and gentle breeze so soft there came
A ray of light followed
The other roses begin to fall into darkness
The rose who stood alone begin to shine.

With a special light it was shining
By a gentle cascade it was watered
A love so divine, cascade of love
Selfless affection a cascade of......

Not now but forever........"I do....
A rose to the sunlight
They remain there
All in full bloom
Smiling down on her was her Sunshine
My very soul, My life so complete, My very sunshine
In the light of your love is my rose blooming.

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